0 - IMPACT Series

IZ 1 - TIMELINE of Your Life (IZ001)

This is the class on 'Money" and "Growing Wealthy" that virtually everyone has missed. It's likely you did too.
TIMELINE is a fast paced, mind-awakening, though-provoking look at the Timeline of Your Life.

1) Quickly review where you are on your Timeline.
2) Identify how have your past financial decisions have worked out for you?
3) Look Forward to where are you headed if you stay on your current path.

IN THIS CLASS you quickly learn the 5 BRIGHTEST TIPS TO GROWING WEALTHY as used by the Wealthy.
This class is about Money and Growing Wealthy. Immediately apply these principles into your future and walk away with more financial certainty about your future.

** This FREE class is a great way to sample the training style of the Academy. **

  • Overview of Your TIIMELINE
  • Download Your Worksheet
  • TIMELINE of Your Life
  • Magic Number - Achieving Financial Freedom
  • Top 5 Brightest Action Items to Growing Wealthy
  • Register for Financial Mastery 2020
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed